Supermix HR700 Impeller
High Discharge Axial Type Impeller

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◎ Features a twisted down curved blade with a moderate advanced blade shape. The shape of blade surface (blade width), angle of attack (especially at the blade tip), and camber ratio (arrow height) are the important factors that affect the performance of the blade.

◎ To prevent flow separation at the blade tip, we investigated the optimum shape of blade surface and camber ratio, as well also the optimum curvature angle that contributes to the discharge performance. As a result, we succeeded in developing a high discharge type of HR700 impeller with extremely high discharge performance.

◎ Ideal for mixing in different phase systems, i.e. solid-liquid mixing.

◎ Can be used as a corrosion-resistant material against strong acidic and alkaline liquids by applying various types of Rubber lining, FRP lining, or Resin coating to the metal body.