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Stood strong as No.1 agitator manufacturer in Japan, SATAKE range of mixers and impeller blades are designed to provide optimal mixing performance in regards to improve your mixing process efficiency and product quality. Ideal for most laboratory and industrial applications.

Environmental Testing Equipment

We will participate as a partner in the development of equipment from the initial planning stage to be manufactured by the user, and respond to their needs by providing total solutions from test conditions to the installation environment of the equipment.

Consultants & Solutions

We understand the mixing challenges of every industry. For this reason, we provide one-stop solution-oriented hardware, software, and in-house consultants to help you achieve the best mixing solutions for successful manufacturing of a product to avoid excessive mixing time and energy, as well as increase productivity.


Global Leading Industrial Mixer & Agitator Supplier in Malaysia

Established in 2021 as a 100% subsidiary of SATAKE MULTIMIX CORPORATION JAPAN, SATAKE MULTIMIX (M) SDN BHD is proud to be known as one of the global leading industrial mixer and agitator suppliers in Malaysia, specialized in providing high-quality mixing products and environmental testing equipment for businesses across all manufacturing, laboratory, chemical, processing and R&D industries to help them — minimize long mixing time and production costs, increase process efficiency, as well as improve product yield and quality.

Being an authorized subsidiary of SATAKE MULTIMIX CORPORATION, we offer a wide range of top-grade mixers and agitators, all available in various industrial applications to better cater to your specific requirements. In addition, we also provide high precision, high stability and energy-saving design environmental testing devices that are specifically engineered for uses in the electronics and the automotive industry like — climatic, thermal system and air conditioner testing equipment.

With more than 100 years of experience standing strong in the development of mixing technology and a worldwide service spanning across Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Thailand, rest assured that our team is able to provide you with professional advice in choosing the right agitator for your specific applications.

To meet the mixing challenges of different industrial sectors, we do also offer our customers with one-stop consultation service for businesses that require custom-made mixing solutions, with the use of our unique intellectual property rights and research equipment.

Therefore, whatever your mixing needs may be, we got you covered and which is why SATAKE has always been recognized as one of the world’s leading supplier for premium quality industrial agitators and mixer machine in Malaysia.
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  • Proven & Trusted Over 100 Years
  • Reduce Production Time
  • Optimize Production Yields
  • Increase Process Efficiency

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Your Trusted Supplier for First-Grade Industrial Mixer & Agitator in Malaysia

Malaysia's Number One Industrial Agitator Supplier & Manufacturer for Over 100 Years

Renowned Brand Since 1920

For more than 100 years, SATAKE has continued to walk as the top manufacturer for quality mixers and agitators in the mixing industry.

Experienced Product Team

Expertise Comes Standard

We understand mixer, inside-out. With over 100 years of experience, we will work with you to find the right mixer that gives you the results you expect.

Quality & Tested Mixers

Quality Assurance

All SATAKE Mixers and Agitators are 100% tested and assembled in Japan to ensure the best quality products to be delivered to customers.

Best Prices Guarantee

Best Prices Guarantee

We strive to deliver you an excellent product range, with all devices offered at the most competitive prices you can't find elsewhere.

Mixing is an important unit operation in many process industries in order to achieve homogeneity of desired process result. Efficient mixing can lead to a better quality of a product, yield higher productivity, and more important, it determines successful manufacturing of a product in view of the cost and process time. Thus, careful selection of efficient mixers and agitators are crucial, as they are no longer considered as generic production tools, but as essential and critical business tools. This may ensure a good starting point of a growing company and secure return from the investment. Explore the reasons why SATAKE mixers can help you:

Our range of industrial mixers and agitators are all 100% fully tested to ensure smooth running and good mixing performance. Hence, it will save a considerable amount of mixing time that you just need to input the mixture components and let SATAKE mixer do the rest.

Each SATAKE mixer is engineered precisely to ensure all your end-products are uniformly mixed. They will far outperform compared to the conventional mixers, cutting your processing times considerably, thereby shortening your batch cycles, lowering down the operational costs, as well as improving your product quality.

Enable to quickly solve any mixing problem such as scaling-up will certainly leads to successful manufacturing of a product in a large-scale. This will help to promote your business in terms of product yield and quality, as well as time and costs required for a product to reach the market.

Good mixing determines the quality of a product. Therefore, we at SATAKE are happy to assist, if you are meeting with any of mixing issues or unsure where to start.

Good mixing plays crucial role to increase productivity of a product. SATAKE know-how and innovative mixing technologies can help you to achieve efficient mixing that leads a higher productivity.

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