Satake Multimix (M) Sdn Bhd

Satake Multimix (M) Sdn Bhd was established in January 2021. It is a 100% subsidiary of Satake Multimix Corporation Japan. SATAKE was founded in 1920, currently the No.1 agitator manufacturer in Japan. SATAKE mixer and agitator is well-known because of its Quality, Efficient, Innovation and Robust Performance. SATAKE also one of few Mixing companies in the world that has its own Research and Development (R&D) facility that solely focus on Mixing Technology. Additionally, SATAKE also actively involved in Sales and Maintenance of Environmental Testing Equipment.

Our Business

In Malaysia, Satake Multimix (M) Sdn Bhd is engaged in manufacturing, sales and services activities of Agitator and Environmental Testing Equipment. Our goal is to provide our customer in South East Asia (SEA) region with Quality products and speedy after sales service support. Other than mentioned above, we also target to provide our customer with consultation and laboratory testing in mixing to our customer.

Our Mission

As a new company, we are fully focus and committed to make SATAKE Brand is reaching out to South East Asia customer. Therefore, we are gladly taking this opportunity to introduce Satake Multimix (M) Sdn Bhd, and we are looking forward to serve our customer.



We are committed to manufacturing products that satisfy our customers and can be used safely.


Advanced Technology & Know-how

Since our “Mixing Technology Laboratory” established in 1987, SATAKE has aim to provide our customer with the update technology in mixing.

Started with our Portable mixer back in 1924, we further developed our S-Mixer series. Satake mixer has long known for its High-Quality, High Performance, Environmental Friendly, and Robust performance, and has long been the leading of the Mixing Technology Provider in Japan.
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Environmental Friendly

Environmental Friendly

With the increase of demand for Environmental Friendly machineries, the new SATAKE S-Mixer series is designed to meet this criteria.

High Quality Mixer

High Quality

Each of our mixer is carefully design and the selection of materials with our tight inspection, making our mixer is produced with highest quality when it reach our customer.

Mixers That Work for All Industries

Robust Performance

With advanced technology in design and high quality materials used, our mixer is design to be working in various condition and heavy duty process. The gearbox also made to have long life span compared to others mixer.

High Performance Agitator & Impeller

High Performance

Satake always aim to take a step forward by providing our customer with various highly efficient impellers for each applications. These impellers are developed by our Mixing Technology laboratory using advanced technology and our know-how in mixing.

Basic Management & Policies

Respect The Creative Spirit & be Bold & Dynamic to Set an Example for The Industry

With the aim of providing “Good technology”, “Good products”, and “Good services” in a “Good manner” with the focus on the customer, we serve the society through our customers. We believe that this is a road that we must tread as “SATAKE - The Provider of Technologies”.


Mixing & Automotive Environmental Testing Solution with Proven Performance



A precise line-up to meet various needs from small scale to production scale. We offer Quality, Efficient, Safe & Environmental-friendly Mixers & Agitators.

Environment Testing Equipment

Environment Testing Equipment

From air-conditioning performance measuring, humidity to thermal shock testing, we have all the equipment for high precision measuring data.

Consultants & Evaluation

Consultants & Solutions

We provide one-stop consultation and technical support for businesses that require custom-made mixing solutions.

  • Development of Exclusive Mixers & Mixing Impellers for Eeach Purpose of Use
  • Contracted Numerical Calculation
  • Technical & Engineering Support