(For Air Conditioners)


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◎ SATAKE calorimeters for measuring refrigerator and air conditioner operating on the "air enthalpy measuring method" have been awarded a testimonial from the Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association.

◎ SATAKE precision calorimeters feature a high level of test repeatability and accuracy of test data to within 1%.

◎ SATAKE measuring devices for regrigerating and air conditioning appliances including:-

✔ SATAKE Balance Room Type Calorimeters

✔ SATAKE Psychrometric Calorimeters

✔ SATAKE Secondary Refrigerant Compressor Calorimeters

✔ SATAKE Refrigerant Vapor Flow Compressor Calorimeters

✔ SATAKE Car Air Conditioner Bench Testing Devices

✔ SATAKE Prefabricated Environment Test Chambers

✔ SATAKE Fan Performance Measuring Equipment