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For more than 100 years, SATAKE has stood for the highest level of development and manufacturing expertise in the field of mixing technology. Our range of highly efficient mixers and impellers are all precisely engineered and 100% fully tested to ensure all your end-products can be perfectly mixed to perform homogeneous mixture within a short batch cycle in order to help your business achieve improved process performance and production yields.

To date, SATAKE mixers have been widely used in various applications across industries like pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, biotechnology, paints, cosmetics and consumer products, food, water treatment, pulp and paper, and many others. As the leading supplier for top-grade industrial mixers and agitators in Malaysia, we are sure you can always find the best mixing technology for all your mixing needs at SATAKE. Browse our complete selection today.


Years of Experience In The Mixing Industry

Customers Doing it Their Way!

Mixing is a technology that we have been researching since the establishment of our company. Since its birth in the year 1920, Satake has always maintained the top share in Japan, and has been exhibiting success in various production scenarios across the world.

Top-Grade Industrial Mixers & Agitators In Malaysia

Malaysia Top Supplier for High Performance Industrial Mixer & Agitator
Professional Grade Mixing Technology for All Industry

Having more than 100 years of experience in the mixing industry since its establishment in 1920, Satake Multimix Corporation is well-recognized as the world’s leading industrial mixer and agitator supplier in Malaysia, providing professional-grade mixing solutions to help businesses improve their production time, product quality, yield and process outcome.

Over the years, our range of innovative and quality proven mixer machines are used throughout most of the process industries — ranging from food, adhesive and sealant, chemical, petrochemical, sewage treatment, oil and gas to biotechnology and regenerative medicine fields (iPS cell).

Apart from this, to ensure all our mixing solutions can better cater to the customer’s desired production goals, budget and requirements, we also provide one-stop consultation — from hardware, software, research to in-house engineering and support, to help companies and manufacturers customize their mixing devices for their specific applications.

Hence, when you choose Satake Multimix (M) Sdn Bhd as your trusted supplier for quality agitator and mixers in Malaysia, rest assured that we always keep an eye on all your requirements and goals to achieve while you can concentrate on your core business.

Super Shear Mixer

Your Reliable Partner for Advanced Mixers & Agitators in Malaysia

Leading Mixer Manufacturer with Worldwide Reputation

World-Class Reputation

With over 100 years of operation since its establishment in 1920, Satake Multimix Corporation has been known as the global leading brand for quality industrial mixers and agitators in Malaysia.

Agitator with Proven Quality

Mixers with Proven Quality

Our well-proven mixer designs have contributed to the growing success of many industrial sectors and companies, helping them develop new innovative products, while minimizing production costs, process time and energy saving as well.

Customer Come First

Customer Come First

We know how important it is to choose the right agitator for your specific mixing needs. Hence, our experienced support team are always ready to help with your selection.

Why Satake Mixers?

Our range of industrial mixers and agitators are all 100% fully tested to ensure smooth running and good mixing performance. Hence, it will save a considerable amount of mixing time that you just need to input the mixture components and let SATAKE mixer do the rest.

Each SATAKE mixer is engineered precisely to ensure all your end-products are uniformly mixed. They will far outperform compared to the conventional mixers, cutting your processing times considerably, thereby shortening your batch cycles, lowering down the operational costs, as well as improving your product quality.

Enable to quickly solve any mixing problem such as scaling-up will certainly leads to successful manufacturing of a product in a large-scale. This will help to promote your business in terms of product yield and quality, as well as time and costs required for a product to reach the market.

Good mixing determines the quality of a product. Therefore, we at SATAKE are happy to assist, if you are meeting with any of mixing issues or unsure where to start.

Good mixing plays crucial role to increase productivity of a product. SATAKE know-how and innovative mixing technologies can help you to achieve efficient mixing that leads a higher productivity.