Psychrometric Calorimeter
(For Air Conditioners)


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◎ SATAKE Psychrometric Calorimeters are based on the "air enthalpy method" to measure the performance of room, package and automobile air conditioners.

◎ The air conditioner under test is installed in the normal way, and the heating and cooling capacity is calculated using the inlet and outlet air temperature and humidity, air flow values of the indoor unit of the air conditioner.

◎ SATAKE Psychrometric Calorimeters features:-

✔ Easy adaptation to changes in test conditions by using direct-expansion refrigeration method and, high-quality and accurate code tester (air flow measuring equipment)

✔ Efficient testing of air conditioners under all conditions specified by JIS and ISO, which are indispensable devices in new product development

✔ Great energy saving effect (Inverter technology and Heat recovery technology)
☆ With Satake's unique technology, power consumption has been reduced by 30% (in-house comparison)