Compressor Calorimeter
(For Air Conditioners)


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◎ SATAKE Compressor Calorimeter (CALOACE 21) using a novel method of "refrigerant vapor flowmeter method" designed to test the refrigerating capacities of various types of independent compressors employed in package air conditioners, room air conditioners,automotive air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. by measuring the rate at which discharged refrigerant vapor flows through the circuits.

☆ SATAKE CALOACE 21 features:-

✔ Environmental friendly as the CALOACE 21 does not using freon gas, which is necessary in the case of the secondary fluid calorimeter method.

✔ Drastic energy conservation

✔ Substanstial price reduction

✔ Only about HALF of the installation space requirement

✔ Reproducibility of ±0.5 to ±1%

◎ Using Satake’s calorimeters to make actual performance and capacity measurements of your compressors, will result in achieving of your research and development goals and fully satisfying your requirements.